Buddy : Buddy

Buddy is the third generation of TGA's lighweight portable scooters; its clever, its practical, its stylish, its innovative, its brilliant!

The natural successor to the amazingly successful TGA Superlight which brought a new meaning to the mobility of thousands of users worlwide with its ability to break down into easy-to-lift pieces that went into the boot of your car. New technology and production techniques have been accelerated by public-driven demand to produce a 21st century third generation successor; the Buddy.

TGA has used the experience to produce a brilliant and clever design, with Buddy's stunning good looks and increased user friendliness; part of its design brief was to make it as light as possible, hence the use of aluminium in its frame. These elements combined to take Buddy to a new level in portable scooter design.

Buddy has two unique systems; it folds instantly to go into a car boot, or it comes to pieces in seconds if necessary, to fit into an even smaller boot. Its so easy, anyone can do it; even the wheels are push button release.

Buddy has brought mobility to thousands worldwide. Clever, practical and stylish, we think its one of the most practical of scooters on the market. Lightweight and portable, but also strong and comfortable, Buddy fits in almost any car boot and has a range of up to 12 miles. Plenty of legroom for all users and a stable secure base making the Buddy an excellent all round scooter.

  • Folds flat or comes apart with ease
  • The heaviest component weighs less than 28 lbs
  • Wide wheelbase makes it very sturdy and stable
  • A sturdy, lightweight all-aluminium frame
  • Plenty of leg room for even the tallest user
  • Batteries lift out easily - no connections
  • Large wheels give ample ground clearance
  • It will fit in most car boots and hatchbacks
  • The batteries can be charged either on or off the scooter
  • The tiller is adjustable for your comfort and lifts off easily, again, with no cables or plugs to disengage
  • It stands alone vertically when folded and takes up less than 2 sq ft of floorspace
  • Front and rear lights fitted as standard
  • Equally happy indoors or out
  • A turning radius of less than 70 cms
  • A simple switch limits the top speed for greater control when in narrow aisles and confined spaces
  • It is fitted with folding armrests, lights, horn, and keyswitch security as standard
  • It has an automatic braking system and automatic parking brake
  • Available in blue or lilac
  • It comes complete with a market leading 3 year parts & labour warranty and the full TGA support service
Specification :
1100 mm
43 inches
1100 mm
43 inches
Turning Radius
Ground Clearance
75 mm
3 inches
Wheel Size
250 mm
10 inches
Wheel Size
250 mm
10 inches
Total Weight (including batteries)
36 kg
79 lbs
Maximum Carrying Capacity
100 kg
16 stone
6.4 km/h
4 mph
Maximum Gradient
13 %
Approximate Range
20 km
12 miles
Min Height
Heavy Duty Battery
12v 50a/h sealed lead acid
Models of Compact Scooter
Superlight RWD
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