Breeze 3 : Breeze 3

When Breeze 3 was introduced, with its stunning looks and advanced design it set a new bench mark for mobility scooters. It’s not often that a scooter enters the Guinness Book of Records, but about three years ago Breeze 3 smashed the record for “the longest journey on a scooter". Incredibly well equipped and comfortable to ride because of its unique motorcycle style suspension, Breeze 3 shows just how good and stable a three wheel scooter can be. We know you wont find a scooter elsewhere with the same combination of stability, power and manoeuvrability with such futuristic styling. The large wheels and high ground clearance make kerbs and rougher terrain so simple, they’re a breeze!

Fully adjustable comfortable seat, with adjustable backrest, headrest and armrests, large alloy wheels and high ground clearance, make Breeze equally at home going to the shops or on trips through the countryside. Whether climbing kerbs or negotiating rough tracks, Breeze is able to carry up to 31.4 stone in weight at speeds of 8 mph, climb hills with ease and travel up to 30 miles on one charge.

Finger tip controls, automatic braking, lights, indicators and brake lights all come as standard on Breeze, as do many new features adopted from the motor cycle and automotive industries.

A very advanced safety system completes the specification, making Breeze a clear leader in its class. Truly one of the best equipped and most comfortable scooters in the world.

Breeze is supplied with front and rear baskets, right hand mirror and right hand power control lever as standard. Left hand controls can be supplied as an option at the point of purchase. Twistgrip and fottpedal power controls are also available.

  • Fully active adjustable suspension, with true shock absorbers for added comfort
  • Heavy duty battery upgrade available to increase range
  • Stunning metallic silver finish
  • Tilting tiller and fully adjustable seat to suit everyones needs
  • Simple, convenient control system installed
  • Alloy wheels and pneumatic tyres fitted as standard
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Powerful headlight, rear lights, indicators and audible horn
  • Advanced safety system installed
  • Probably the most advanced and comfortable scooter on the market
  • It comes complete with a market leading 3 year parts & labour warranty and the full TGA support service
Specification :
1450 mm
57 inches
1450 mm
57 inches
Turning Radius
1400 mm
55 inches
Ground Clearance
150 mm
6 inches
Wheel Size
410 mm
16 inches
Wheel Size
430 mm
17 inches
Total Weight (including batteries)
132 kg
290 lbs
Maximum Carrying Capacity
200 kg
31.4 stone
12 km/h
8 mph
Maximum Gradient
21 %
Approximate Range
32 km
20 miles
Min Height
970 mm
38 inches
Heavy Duty Battery
48 km
30 miles
12v 75a/h sealed lead acid
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